The African Youth Conference on Climate Change (AFRIYOCCC) is a flagship program of the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change that provides a platform for learning, sharing of knowledge and experiences among young people on the continent.

Building on the successes of the previous editions of AFRIYOCCC and as 2020 marks the beginning of the implementation of the Nationally Determined Contributions, the 4th edition AFRIYOCCC will provide a platform for enhanced dialogue and understanding about the dynamics and impacts of the NDCs and possible entry points for youth.

The previous AFRIYOCCC’s were held in Zimbabwe, Kenya and Abuja respectively. AFRIYOCCC 2020 will be held in Addis Ababa and will convene over 200 youth across the continent.

The specific objectives include:

  1. To create a platform for youth and selected stakeholders to discuss current and emerging issues on climate change, and to network amongst the membership of AYICC
  2. To develop and publish a youth position paper ahead of COP26
  3. Showcase best practice projects by youth on climate change.
  4. Develop a youth roadmap for implementing NDCs

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Here is the video report of AFRIYOCCC 2016 hosted in Nairobi - Kenya

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